Monday, March 26, 2012

Penang Oil Painting Society Exhibition

Next Upcoming exhibition on April 2012 is by Penang Oil Painting Society will starts soon..Stay with us for more updates....

Good days ahead.....

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Penang State Museum Research Centre

Students and public who wish to do research of our Malaysian multiculture (about the traditional games,clothes,artifacts,festivals) also Malaysia’s historical artifacts, independence figures,celebrations as a source of their final year project or as a hobby can visit our library/research centre at our new office at NO.57,Jalan Macalister,Penang. We do have our research assistant Ms.Ku Nuridayu@ Ayu to assist public and students who need help about the collections in our library. We are open from Monday- Friday @9am until 5pm.Closed on weekends and public holidays. For any enquiry,feel free to contact Ms.Ayu through her email or via via phone 04-226 1439,04-226 1462 or 04-226 1461.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Penang State Museum is offering free membership.

Visit the Museum and JOIN US NOW to be our Friends of Museum (fomMembers)..

As a member ,you’ll be enjoying the special privileges such as:-
• Free Admission
• Earn points to redeem gift
• Invitations and exclusive information from us up to-date.
• Free LMNPP Bulletin for each output.
• 20% discount with the purchase of RM30.00 and above of goods, souvenirs and books.

For any assistance,kindly reach our staff Ms.Ku Nuridayu@ Ayu at our office No.57,Jalan Macalister,10400 Penang or via phone 04-226 1439,04-226 1462 or 04-226 1461.

Softlaunch by Penang State Art Gallery

"Softlaunch" by Penang State Art Gallery on Thursday 1st March 2012 at 4.30p.m. at Ground Floor,Penang State Art Gallery,Dewan Sri Pinang in conjuction with MGTF,USM "Absorbing Future Shock" exhibition...also withthe "Birthday Celebration" for our Penang State Museum Staffs who had born in the month of February and March together with the "Farewell party" for our Practical Students from UITM,Shah Alam whom successfully finish off their practical on 2nd March 2012.

Thank you Penang State Museum for the appreciation...

Friday, March 2, 2012

Investigation on 5 functions of art by Mr.Maizul and his Students

Title of the case study "Investigation on 5 functions of art". Mr.Maizul Affendy,KDU Lecturer of Common Subject comes with a new activity with his art class students.
On 24th Feb 2012,Mr.Maizul with his students had a one day activity from 9am until 5pm at Penang State Art Gallery in conjuction with MGTF(USM) exhibition.This activity is divided into 2 sessions.(Group work and Oral Presentation)

The benefits of this course is to gives the students the learning opportunities to discover and develop a personal outlook on art, increasing aesthetics awareness and developing judgement in matters of art. Interpret the major historical and stylistic developments in the history of the visual arts and to develop their own sense of the creative and perceptive process through conceptual and creative involvement. By the end of this activity, students able to identify the key movement and concept in Art and Design History. Describe the contributions of key practitioners and academics and examine fundamental concepts in Art when appreciating artwork from the standpoint of aesthetics. PSM wishing Mr.Maizul and his students many thanks for their support in conducting such activity that not only the students but as well as the PSM Staffs and public can observe and gain more knowledge in art.